In my two short years at Holy Cross I have made a group of nice friends at this school that help me through the school years. In the first year I was here, I had to get used to the new community which was much different from B-40 (my previous school) which was infinitely worse than my current school, Holy Cross. In the first year I felt left out and sort of alien to the school. And I managed to make a small group of friends which was only two other people. It’s a small world when I say this because one day me and a friend ran into one of the people from my new school. This incident led me to hang out with my new friends for the first time. As I started to warm up to this new atmosphere, I started to get more motivated and got more friendly in a way. This instance has  taught me that some change is indeed good for you. I am graduating tomorrow and I am glad that I have had this chance to be with this crowd.


It’s true that calculators are everywhere but they cannot do all the brain does. For instance a calculator cannot do formulas or group numbers in equations, also calculators have a limit to what it can process. The brain can go for ever as long as you keep it recorded somewhere. The calculator can only process what is already known. In the math world you deal with word problems, big numbers, and some very large equations.

Calculators can’t display units of measure and it can’t do certain formulas. In calculus you sometimes do very complicated math that you can’t without actually knowing the math. Most calculators can only display numbers up to 1 billion. Most calculators cannot process formulas for area, the quadratic formula, or scientific formulas.

In the growing world of math they’re always new equations being developed to solve different problems in the world. A calculator would be a big problem if someone were trying to make a new formula because a calculator can only process what it already knows, not something new. And that calculator would tell that mathematician that formula was wrong and incorrect, or make a mistake.

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Comics are a visual version of literary arts. Comics give reading a feel oh being there and somehow make it more detailed reading it. But overall comics are made in short stories. To represent lessons in real life. There are many comic based social sites such as Reddit, Funnyjunk, and Imgur. Comics are also useful to express one’s feelings towards something. Sometime you should check it out. This site carries a comic strip called Rage Faces. Rage Face comics are based on real life experiences that change some one or give a moral to a story. These sites can be just used as comedy or just a social place for people. In this site, Reddit, it has posts of all kinds of different things that people wouldn’t normally hear about like how congress had to fight about how pizza was not a vegetable. Next time you want to waste some time getting cool information, getting laughs, or even cool posts, go to Reddit.

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